He Sang It Passionately.

Can You Stand the Rain

*I met someone who gave this song a new meaning. He sang it passionately*
On a perfect day
I know that I can count on you
When that’s not possible
Tell me, can you weather the storm
Cause I need somebody who will stand by me
Through the good times and bad times
She will always, always be right there[Chorus: ]
Sunny days, everybody loves them
Tell me
Can you stand the rain
Storms will come
This we know for sure
Can you stand the rain

Your love unconditional
I’m not asking this of you
Girl, to make it last
I’ll do whatever needs to be done
Cause I need somebody who will stand by me
When it’s tough she won’t run
She will always, be right there for me

Sunny days, everybody loves them
Tell me
Can you stand the rain? (Can you stand it?)
Storms will come
(I know I know all the days won’t be perfect, but darling can you stand it?)
This we know for sure
Can you stand the rain (Can you stand the rain?)

Can you stand the rain? [x4]
No pressure, no pressure from me baby
Cause I want you
And I need you
And I love you
Will you be there for me?

Come on baby, let’s go get wet.

Can you stand the rain? (Can you stand the rain?)
This we know for sure

Can you stand the rain? (Will you be there girl?)
This we know for sure

Can you stand the rain? (Storms will come)
This we know for sure…


Ever met someone for a very short period of time but he/she changes your life in one way or the other forever?

Early months of this year, I came across someone I believe was the exact thing I needed and wanted. I met someone who in a brief period touched my heart and life differently from anyone I ever came across.

Nothing at that moment was going well for me. Nothing. Literally. There he was, a man I ever thought I deserve. Can I share with you how random we met? (embarrassing).

I was at a bus stop waiting for a cab after work. But I was numb from what happened few nights before (silly fight with my then partner).

Anyway, after 15-20minutes just standing. Someone drove past. He made a U-turn. I believed people that “looked” the way he did would be cheesy and arrogant but he surprised me (1).

Car stopped. He was on the phone. He opened the window and told the person on the line he will call back, then said said to me, “Hello mam, you catched my eye. I had to turn. Am going somewhere for few minutes-it won’t take long…ke kopa ho tsamaya le wena (can I go with you?). Oh by the way kenna “Sam X” (name changed)…”

The truth is, he thought I’d know who he is by telling the name (well known). I stood there, few seconds. Phone rang. It was my recent ex partner. Didn’t answer. Was still angry from few days back’s fight. I got in.

We drove to the mall. Took all phone calls on loudspeaker. It was quite uncomfortable. He was decent. Spoke Setswana. He told me about himself. But not what he does for a living. I didn’t mind. I wasn’t thinking of any future relation with him. So I didn’t really care.

We got to the mall. Everyone greeted him. Yes again I was uncomfortable. Why was everyone greeting him? We got to a place he wanted to go. Spent almost 30minutes him sorting out his papers. Then I told him I got to rush. Must rest then go to school in 3hrs time. When we left the mall, more people kept greeting him with that enthusiasm. Oh well…I let it go. But I had to ask who is he. He laughed and said “a friendly man”. That Is how we met.

Days went by and we would talk over the phone. Nothing uncomfortable. Nothing about love. Just our work, families etc. Then I realized I love his sense of nature. Down to earth. Always calm (since the day we met). He enjoys music as much as I do. Listens to the same genre as me. Think alike. Enjoy same things. Our birthdays were 5 days apart.

*sigh!* the day we met, he kept unconsciously singing a song I liked. I couldn’t make it out until I asked him what song he is singing. He said, “I’ll play it for you now”. We got to the car. He played New Edition- Can you stand the rain.

In the short lived moments I had with him, I learned to appreciate a person who has a lot in common with me. Appreciate the good that happens in my life. Accept that someone appreciates me. Not to make hasty sudden decision without knowing the other part of the story. Now am looking forward sharing the experience with someone I will spend my life with.




Can we talk for a moment? Like have a conversation.

You know a conversation is an exchange between two or more people right?

 Now it is between you and me. We will make this conversation fair.

 Tell me what happened to your conscious.

Tell me what happened to your morals and standards.

I mean, how do you first come up with that thought/s?

How do you go by implementing it and thereafter life with the feelings (if you have them?)

Now tell me.

What do you see in a 2months old baby to think of raping it?

How do you feel when you are busy destroying that life?

What is your reason to do such?

What exactly do we call raping a baby?

This is a fair conversation.

We are talking. You and I.


In that case,

How do you want to live after raping a baby?

Where do you want to live afterwards?

And how do you expect us the community to treat you for raping a child?

Just tell her, him, and me what we do with a person like you.


How many STOP RAPE messages do we need to hear and send before rape is stopped?

Dear you, just tell us what kind of generation are you building for this community if you can rape a newborn baby.

Dear you if you anyhow dearest. What kind of a child do you want her and him to grow up to be after you raped her.


Can you take the stage now and tell us.

We are waiting your conscious and morals to tell us.

Kwanele! We are Enough! Go lekane!


Living a Purposeful Life

After a year of neediness and loneliness, I realized I have not thanked the God who made me who I am today enough.

I can now stand firm and say, FAITH WILL TAKE YOU ANYWHERE YOU WANT because I am where I am because of it. I have been through a lot as a young lady. I learnt to equip myself through the storms and sunny weathers.

It is amazing that the moment you tell someone you are where you are because of FAITH and GOD they lose interest on the story. But they wish to be where you are. My willingness through it all got me where I am. I may not be where I want to be but, I am where God is holding my hands and leading me.

 I may not see the way He sees my path of life but I am learning every moment to let Him lead the way.

Its written on Genesis 12:2 that the Lord will bless you and you will be a blessing to others. So this is a great lesson of living a purposeful life. Live your life as a blessing to someone. Live to bless. Bless even the blessed. Blessings will be upon you whenever you go. A pure heart will bless without a doubt. It will bless without expectation to be blessed too. Bless even if you have NOTHING.


It took me a long time to realise what it means to live a purposeful life. I thought living a purposeful life is passing all your grades with good marks. It is making it to college and having a great career. Having a loving family and a good life. It is none of those above in MY life. I learnt that it’s looking back and seeing why and how I got where I am now. It is having faith to be where I want to be no matter the situation. Lot of times I feel like giving up on everything. At times, I feel like the time and possibilities are on my side. I look back and see how God’s mercy is upon my life. How God’s favour is been covering me. It is hope that keeps me going.

 Now I know everyday when I wake up with faith and hope- that is a purposeful life for me!




Everyone enjoys the idea of being independent in one way or another.

When I grew up, my now late father used to teach me a trick or two about life. He taught me how to be independent. He taught me things and told me that he is telling me while am still young so I may be able to deal with it better once am grown and going through it (as if he knew he will be gone forever when I was just eighteen years old). The thing is, you may be taught well but what if the situation is the same but comes differently?

Everyone wants to be able to stand there and say “I did well alone” but the truth is, it’s not easy. We have different situations in life. I remember I grew up always wanting to do things on my own with no or little help- I remember when I was in Grade one, my mom wanted to teach me animal sounds and baby animals. She gave me a small checked book were she wrote down everything inside but I tore it apart and told her she must never give me everything ready, I can do it (ha-ha). I have to say now I feel like I can be handed everything on a silver plate. I grew up knowing that no one is responsible for my life but me. My father used to discipline me to the extent that I thought he miss being in the military like back in his days before 1989. He was part of the military until 1988/7 and he believed in “doing it yourself”.

 When I was 18 years old, life of being independent started kicking in. He passed away just when I was finishing my high school. Then since then I started going through things he taught me when I was younger than 15 years. I had to look for a job. Pay my own college fees. Paying my own grocery and apartment rent. Paying for everything, I have now, with NO ONE’s help. It is a fun journey full of thorns and slippery parts. I am proud of being in my very early twenties and have everything I have. I realised independency doesn’t mean shutting everyone out because you want to do it on your own. Being independent for me is doing a lot on my own but having an extra hand to hold you on the way.

It is not only the thought of being independent that pushed me so much to work hard. At times, it gets so hard to that I just want to give up looking back to where I came from makes me go an extra mile. Many of young people like and enjoy the “independency” work but we lose focus. Yes, I have lost it there and then but I tell you the results of going on are more exciting.

But every young growing person needs guidance, teachings, and help no matter what. Don’t just enjoy the idea of being independent and not act on it. I always tell my fellow peers, do what you believe in. Do what you like to look back and smile with pride that you made it. Start being independent at a young age.


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